Microsoft Business Solutions - Axapta
C3 has expericence in all areas of MBS - Axapta programming tasks. Including:
Modifications to standard functionality
  C3 has long exprience with modifications to the standard functionality in all MBS - Axapta versions. This naturally includes a wide area of language specific functionality.
Additional module development

In many cases the end users' business processes demand the development of new, independent or integrated modules in MBS - Axapta. C3 has experience in developing such solutions and, in cooperation with our business partners and the end-user, we can ensure that the solutions are developed quickly, correctly and in agreement with current development best practices.

Version- & service pack upgrade
  C3 also has experience with both service pack and version upgrades.
Enterprice portal

In many cases it will be an advantage for the enduser to allow access to their ERP system from a web browser for the employees, customers or vendors. C3 also has experience in developing web interfraces for the customer's MBS - Axapta installation. In MBS - Axapta version 3.0 these solutions can, of course, be optionally integrated into the Enterprise portal.

OLAP - Online Analytical Processing

Applying an OLAP solution delivers significant business value for enterprises across all major industry verticals and within individual enterprises in sales, marketing, production, customer service, and other functional areas. With many years of experience in implementing OLAP solutions, C3 has established proven expertise in this area. We invite you to take advantage of the significant value delivered by C3's professional services personnel to accelerate the process of designing and implementing the end customer's OLAP capabilities.

Designing OLAP solutions

For a business partner who needs to design an OLAP solution, designing the multidimensional data marts is an important step. In this type of project, C3 consultants would assist the partner in constructing the data mart, including all steps of data extraction, transformation, cleaning and loading into the data mart.

Implementing MBS Axapta Business Analysis

MBS Axapta Business Analysis provides a great possiblity for using OLAP directly within Axapta. Here C3 can assist partners in the initial setup phase with designing the OLAP solution using Axapta Business views and Axapta OLAP and with setting up Batch processing to update their OLAP data.